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The Winning Play for
Reaching Sports Fans

Unlock premium live sports inventory alongside the most popular sporting events of the season, all year round. Get in-game impressions across linear TV & digital, from basketball to baseball, professional to college, and national to regional networks.

  • Where Sports are
    Always in Season

    Sports programming has an extensive reach, particularly with DIRECTV.

    When it comes to consuming live sports, DIRECTV viewers are in a league of their own:

    70% of DIRECTV viewers watch at least 3 hours of sports per week

    47% of DIRECTV STREAM subscribers spend at least half of their TV time watching sports


  • Get in the Game

    DIRECTV offers brands more opportunities to stay connected with their fans no matter the season.

    In-Game Guaranteed Impressions
    Access premium major sports networks and in-game opportunities year-round via direct IO or programmatically.

    First-Party, Deterministic Viewership Data
    Leverage DIRECTV viewership data to reach sports fans wherever and whenever they’re consuming TV.

    Take Over the TV Screen
    Don’t miss out on the action. Engage with viewers all day during key sporting moments with Pause Ads.