Our Solutions


DIRECTV was the first to pioneer addressable over 10 years ago, and we have continued to innovate, combining our revolutionary tech stack with our award-winning products to deliver flexible solutions. Unlock the power of DIRECTV’s convergent addressable solutions to seamlessly identify and reach your most valuable audience, with the right message across every screen.

  • Precision Targeting

    Identify and serve relevant ads to the right audience, wherever they’re consuming content.

    Advertiser 1st-Party Data: Leverage your customer database or lookalike models to define a target and match to our subscriber data via privacy compliant, safe haven.

    3rd-Party Data: Apply demographic, psychographic, behavioral, or geographic attributes using industry-leading 3rd-party data sets.

    DIRECTV Viewership Data: Utilize DIRECTV’s 1st-party viewership to understand what programs, movies, live events, and networks consumers are watching.

  • Reach-Frequency Optimization

    Improve campaign reach of lighter viewing audiences and manage exposure across your media mix.

    Broad Demo​: Complement or supplement your National TV campaign with guaranteed impressions against your desired age/gender demographic.

    Light TV Viewer​: Suppress Heavy TV Viewers to reach an elusive audience that ​watches a limited amount of live TV.

    Custom Audience: Target and reach the audience unreached or underexposed to your National ​TV campaign.

  • Measurement & Attribution

    Understand your campaign’s impact on brand KPIs and unlock valuable insights to optimize future campaigns.

    With our transparent reporting and robust measurement solutions, we provide ways for brands to move beyond media metrics to understand the consumer journey and behaviors influenced by your advertising efforts.

    Awareness: Incremental reach, exposure management, brand health study

    Consideration: Location visitation, website visitation

    Conversion: Sales lift, account openings, tune-in conversion