Our Solutions

The Future of Streaming
is Here

Combine the power of live with the accessibility of streaming at scale to easily reach a highly engaged, digital audience.

  • Dynamic ads in-view

    Dynamically insert ads in-view, on over 100+ owned & operated premium, TV networks consumers know & love.
    • 95%+ impressions delivered Live
    • 95%+ impressions delivered to CTV
    • 98%+ video completion rate
    • 100% fraud-free, authenticated environment

    Source: DIRECTV internal data 

  • Not your average streamer

    Easy to activate solutions across highly-watched TV content.

    Cross-Platform, Premium Inventory
    Access to high performing, premium inventory across 100+ live tv networks and thousands of VOD titles.

    Fraud-Free, Brand-Safe Environments
    Reach authenticated viewers within brand safe inventory, free of ad fraud or invalid traffic.

    Seamless, Easy to Activate Inventory
    Flexible ways to access premium streaming inventory, including fully managed service and programmatic channels.

  • Convergent solutions

    Engage with a deeply captivated audience, wherever they’re watching.

    Reach Your Audience Across Screens
    Utilize deterministic data built from direct-to-consumer relations to connect with valuable customers.

    Contextually Relevant Solutions
    Align brand message with relevant content across entertainment, lifestyle, sports and news.

    Transparent Reporting
    Retain control over where your media runs and gain valuable insights with transparent reporting.